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Kill Team - Red Planet: Spec Ops Campaign
Kill Team - Red Planet: Spec Ops Campaign

Kill Team - Red Planet: Spec Ops Campaign

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Doomed to retreat to Mars, a single ship has escaped the Anvil. But it was not carrying friends as it crashed on the sand swept dunes of Mars... Read more..

Product description

Join us for a Narrative Kill Team event during the first three Sundays of December! 

Date: 12/3, 12/10, and 12/17
Start Time: 12:00 PM
Entry Fee: $10
Format: Narrative Campaign
Prize Support:
The winning team will receive a $5 CFG coin each. 
-In addition, each player will vote on the best in each of the following categories: 
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Sportsmanship
  • Best Painted
Each player adds $10 to the prize pool. Each category will receive 25% of the prize pool as store credit. 

Players MUST have:
  • One Kill Team Army of their choice 
    -Kill Team armies will let players know their minimum and maximum number of units.
  • Discord
    -Missions and story updates will be given out via Discord. 
    -Join the Kill Team Channel
    Link to the CFG Discord
What to Prepare
Players will bring one Kill Team Squad to participate in this event. Before the campaign begins, decisions on which faction you'll be fighting for will need to be made. Faction options are:
Invaders (Bad Guys), Defender (Good Guy), Raider (Rogues)
-For this Narrative event you'll need to give your army a name, as well as the operatives on your team. This event is all about the story, so get as wild as you want!
Players can fill out their background by completing datacards and dataslates.

When do I Play?
-Each week players will be expected to play in two matches. The first Sunday is MANDATORY. We will be giving out Mission Cards that will determine who you play for your first match, and depending on the outcome who you will face next. 
-Players will always have Sunday to play their games but we will be using Discord to communicate setting up matches on off days if needed. 
-Matches will mainly be 1v1, until we near the end of the campaign when you need to fight alongside other faction members.

We will be playing normal Kill Team rules, plus whatever is stated on your Mission Cards per match. 

Our story so far....
Mars is the home world and headquarters of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The surface is covered with massive forge complexes, sprawling refineries, towering monuments that scrape the skies. The massive orbital conglomeration of thousands of drydocks and other starship.

A ship fleeing the Anvil of Sanctum, crashed into the Red Planet. Small battles rage across the land. The finest and best equipped are fighting to get the upper hand. Who ever finds themselves victorious will hold the fate of Terra in their hands.


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Kill Team - Red Planet: Spec Ops Campaign

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Doomed to retreat to Mars, a single ship has escaped the Anvil. But it was not carrying friends as i..

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