Family Ages 5+

From Dixit to Labyrinth, here you will find a selection of games perfect for introducing a little strategy and critical thinking to kids ages 5 and up.

Thinkfun Shadows in the Forest

Shadows in the Forest

Turn off the lights! You are deep in a dark, ancient forest with only your lante..
Brain Games Ice Cool
Brain Games

Ice Cool

Snatch some of the fish before the lunch break starts!
Thinkfun Zingo! Word Builder

Zingo! Word Builder

This word building version of Zingo! is the perfect confidence booster for early..
Zygomatic Rory's Story Cubes

Rory's Story Cubes

Discover Rory’s Story Cubes with nine dice from the Classic edition. Throw the..
Lion Rampant Magic Labyrinth
Lion Rampant

Magic Labyrinth

As if by magic, several paths in the magic labyrinth are locked. Only if you hav..
HABA Animal Upon Animal

Animal Upon Animal

Players race each other to be the first to place all of their wooden animals upo..
Z-Man Games My First Carcassonne
Z-Man Games

My First Carcassonne

Children can discover the great city of Carcassonne with this fun tile placement..
Catan Studio Catan: Junior
Catan Studio

Catan: Junior

No Thank You Evil!

No Thank You Evil!

No Thank You, Evil! is a tabletop game of creative make-believe, adventure, and..
Ravensburger Labyrinth: Harry Potter (Ravensburger)

Labyrinth: Harry Potter (Ravensburger)

Who can keep a watchful eye over the Harry Potter maze and find the hidden paths..
Zygomatic Timeline: Classic

Timeline: Classic

Ravensburger Labyrinth


Find the shortest route through the a-maze-ing Labyrinth and you'll be the winne..
Eagle-Gryphon Games Can't Stop
Eagle-Gryphon Games

Can't Stop

Can't Stop is the ultimate press-your-luck board game. Once you've started this..
Wattsalpoag Games Echidna Shuffle
Wattsalpoag Games

Echidna Shuffle

Echidnas pick up bugs and deliver them to their home stumps in the family-friend..
Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It! Card Game

Disney Eye Found It! Card Game

Find hidden treasures in this Disney hidden picture card game!..
Asmodee Dream Home 156 Sunny Street

Dream Home 156 Sunny Street

Spice up your next game of Dream Home with more helpers, tools, décor, rooms, a..
Drei Magier Spiele Castle Flutterstone
Drei Magier Spiele

Castle Flutterstone

Quick! Into the old stone castle! An exciting race for the Magic Cup is about to..
Super Meeple Recto Verso
Super Meeple

Recto Verso

Each round, two partners must construct a building as quickly as possible. But e..
HABA The Key - Murder at the Oakdale Club

The Key - Murder at the Oakdale Club

A dramatic series of murders has shocked the Oakdale Golf Club – three people ..
HABA Cloaked Cats

Cloaked Cats

Quick! It's time to sharpen your claws & head to the Cloaked Cat ball! Players t..
HABA Orchard Game

Orchard Game

In the orchard hang the juiciest cherries, apples, plums and pears. But someone ..
Poptacular 100 Pics Riddles

100 Pics Riddles

100 RIDDLES TO SOLVE. What’s the only cheese that is made backwards? EDAM! Ent..
Poptacular 100 Pics Jokes

100 Pics Jokes

100 JOKES THAT KIDS WILL LOVE. How does the moon cut its hair? ECLIPSE IT! This ..
Ravensburger Ready, Set, Sloth!

Ready, Set, Sloth!

There's a new hammock up in the treetops of the jungle. Everyone wants to dream ..

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