Games to Gobble Up

Games to Gobble Up

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It's November and you know what that means, Thanksgiving! What better holiday to bring a board game to?! Whether you are visiting your extended family, celebrating with friends, or staying at home this Thanksgiving we've anticipated a game for just about any situation you may find yourself in on Turkey Day!

Games to Play That Bring Back Family Vacation Memories:

Parks l 1-5 Players l Ages:10+
Get the whole family on board when you pull out Parks, a game all about visiting the US National Parks! In Parks each player takes on the role of two hikers as they trek along different trails throughout the four seasons in a year. Players will earn points based off how many National Parks they visit on their journey. Don't forget to snap pictures along your trails those memories, just like in life, are worth taking. 

Games To Play When You Need a Moment of Silence but Can't Sneak Off Yet:

The Mind l 2-4 Players l Ages: 8+
Don't worry, when you've exhausted all you can say and just need a moment of silence it's time to bring out The Mind. In The Mind players work cooperatively to complete different levels without being able to exchange information, more specifically they can't talk to one another. The Mind is a deck of 100 cards with each card representing a number 1-100. During the first level players will receive one card randomly from the deck. Collectively the team must now discard each of their cards to the center of the game in ascending order but you cannot communicate to each other what card you have in hand. You can only look into each others eyes in a longing plea of hope that you are discarding the lowest card first. This game will leave you feeling closer to your teammates than ever before and hopefully you gained some trust along the way! 

Games for When Your Grandpa Just Wants to Talk Politics:

Watergate l Two Players l Ages: 12+
Grandpa will be thrilled to duke it out with you in this two player game. One player takes on the role of the Washington Post and the other as the Nixon Administration. The journalist side has to gather enough evidence by connecting two informants to the President. Meanwhile the Administration must build up enough momentum to make it to the end of their presidential term, they'll just have to bury some evidence along the way. 
Grandpa will be happy to know this game comes with a history of Watergate as well as, important historical information on every card! 

The Game to Play for that Family Member Trying to Keep the Wordle Group Chat Alive:

Wordle: The Party Game l Players 2-4 l Ages: 12+
We all have that person trying to stay connected to us by doing the Wordle every day. What better way than to suprise them for an in-person game of Wordle! In this version players play against one another trying to solve the rounds, Worldle Host's, Secret Word. Wordle: The Party Game has several modes players can try as well. There is fast mode, in which players race to see who can solve the Wordle fastest. Plus there is a team mode so you can show off who in the family really is the best at Wordle. This game also serves as a great, "remember the start of 2022?," gift.

The Game to Play when You Don't Want to Throw the Football Outside:

Throw, Throw Burrito l 2-6 Players l Ages: 7+
Listen, you can't bare to go running around playing football, you just ate your weight in mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts! Don't worry you can still be active with the gang who wants to throw the pigskin by whipping out the worlds first Dodgeball card game, Throw Throw Burrito! In this card game meets dodgeball hybrid players try to collect matching sets of cards faster than the others all while avoiding the burritos torpedoing across the room. Be sure to play this in a space that isn't near any antiquities or expensive VR helmets. This is sure to make this Thanksgiving one to remember. 

Games to Ease Grandma into by Looping in Her Hobbies:

Patchwork l Two Players l Ages: 8+
Grandma will be all in titter knowing that you picked out a game to play with her based on her favorite hobby, Patchwork! In this two-player game players compete to build the most asthetic Patchwork quilt on their board. Each turn players will choose a piece of the patchwork from three options in the pool. Slowly adding to their board and trying to fit the right pieces in with their quilts. You'll have to look ahead and see what patches are coming up, otherwise your patchwork might remain a little patchy. 

The Game to Play that Gets the Kids Table Involved:

Happy Salmon l 3-8 Players l Ages: 6+
If you want everyone to think you are the coolest and most accommodating family member you'll bring a game that even the smallest among you can play. Happy Salmon has been coined the "90-Second game that you will play for hours." Every player will get a stack of cards and the proceed to find someone with a matching action on their card. The actions are few and simple but will require a partner to complete. Once you find someone with a matching action you'll both perform what it asks whether its, high fiving, fish bumping, switching it up, or happy salmoning! How do you find someone with a matching card? Easy, yell it out! The more frantic the group is the better. Once you both do the action, you discard it and move on to the next card! First one with no cards is the winner! This one is sure to change the name of your family Thanksgiving to Happy Salmon Giving! 

The Game to Play When the Groups Attention Span Can Only Handle One Word:

Just One l 3-7 Players l Ages: 8+
We all have one person in our group or families who tend to sit board game time out because they don't want to bother with the rules even though we know they'd enjoy it if only they could make it through the instruction! For that and for them I give you, Just One! This is a cooperative party game in which one person picks a card with a mystery word on it and become the guesser. That guesser will close their eyes while everyone else will see the mystery word and must write down ONE word that relates to it. Players are not allowed to talk about what they are writing down they must do so in secret. Before the clues are revealed players will look to see if anyone else wrote the same word as them, if so those players must place their easels face down and the guesser won't be able to see those words. This game is wildly simple and incredibly addictive, you'll have the whole family begging to keep playing just ONE more time. ;) 


Marisa Moore
Posted on 2022-11-23 15:44:41
The titles on these have me dead haha

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