Best Selling Board Games of 2020 at Cape Fear Games

Best Selling Board Games of 2020 at Cape Fear Games

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If you're reading this, we did it–we made it through 2020! In spite of the ongoing global pandemic, the gaming communities experienced tremendous growth as people searched for new forms of entertainment. After reviewing reports, we compiled the top 30 sellers (by total units) at Cape Fear Games throughout the entire year to share with you all! While classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride may not surprise you, we're excited to see some newer titles making the rankings. Liked this article? We encourage you to check out the top new arrivals at our shop this year, as well: Best Selling Board Game Arrivals in 2020 at Cape Fear Games

30. Villainous

The villains assemble to face off, race to their goal, and rule the Disney realms.
2-6 Players | 50 Minutes | Ages 10+
Currently Out of Stock Due to Popular Demand
We invite you to check out : MARVEL VILLAINOUS INFINITE POWER in the meantime! 

29. Suspend

Add metal pieces to an unbalanced structure without knocking anything down.
1-4 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages
Currently Out of Stock Due to Popular Demand
For a gameplay safer for children 7 and under, check out SUSPEND JR.

28. Sushi Go!

Pass the sushi around, but keep the best for yourself.. and don't forget to leave room for dessert at the end!
2-5 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages
Currently Out of Stock Due to Popular Demand
For gameplay with more than 5 people, check out SUSHI GO PARTY, a standalone that makes room at the table for up to 8!

27. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

An app-driven Werewolf game that lasts but a single night. Wolves and villagers beware!
3-10 Players | 10 Minutes | Ages8+

26. Forbidden Island

The island is sinking! Will the brave adventurers save the treasure in time?
2-4 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 10+
Have you already played Forbidden Island? Try other cooperative titles in the same series from Gamewright, like: FORBIDDEN DESERT, or FORBIDDEN SKY.

25. Dominion 2nd Edition

Acquire the most valuable lands by building your deck with treasure and power cards.
2-4 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages13+

24. Isle of Cats

Rescue as many cats as you can before Lord Vesh arrives and destroys their home.
1-4 Players | 60-90 Minutes | Ages 8+

23. Parks

Hike through National Parks tiles, collecting memories and admiring gorgeous scenery.
1-5 Players | 40-70 Minutes | Ages

22. Superfight: Core Deck

Set your hero on the stage, and argue why they'd win the fight!
3-10 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages5+

21. The Mind

Play your cards in ascending order without communicating. Timing is key!
2-4 Players | 15 Minute | Ages8+

20. Shobu

Use your stones to push all of your opponent's stones off any of the four boards to win!
2-4 Players | 15-30 Minutes | Ages
Currently Out of Stock Due to Popular Demand

19. Mysterium

Become a psychic and divine spectral visions to solve the murder of a restless ghost.
2-7 Players | 40 Minutes | Ages

18. Ticket to Ride

Build your railroad across North America to connect cities and complete tickets!
2-5 Players | 30-60 Minutes | Ages 8+
Currently Out of Stock Due to Popular Demand

17. Carcassonne

Shape the medieval landscape of France, claiming cities, monasteries, and farms.
2-5 Players | 30-45 Minutes | Ages 7+

16. Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Explore a haunted house as a team.... until one of you turns against the rest.
3-6 Players | 60 Minutes | Ages

15. Splendor

Renaissance merchants race to grab gems, acquire property, and please nobility.
2-4 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 10+

14. Unstable Unicorns

We know that unicorns are cute and cuddly...but who knew they could be so mean?!
2-8 Players | 30-45 Minutes | Ages 14+
Currently Out of Stock Due to Popular Demand

13. Exploding Kittens

Ask for favors, attack friends, see the future - whatever it takes to avoid an explosion!
2-5 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages

12. Wingspan

Attract a beautiful and diverse collection of birds to your wildlife reserve.
1-5 Players | 40-70 Minutes | Ages 10+

11. Monikers

This curated version of a classic game is guaranteed to create laughs!
4-16 Players | 30-60 Minutes | Ages 17+ 

10. Coup

Bluff (and call bluffs) to victory in this card game with no third chances.
2-6 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages 13+

9. Pandemic

Your team of experts must prevent the world from succumbing to a viral pandemic.
2-4 Players | 45 Minutes | Ages 8+

8. Trial by Trolley

Whose life (or death) do you value more? A game of difficult moral decisions
3-13 Players | 30-90 Minutes | Ages 14+ 

7. Root

Decide the fate of the forest as woodland factions fighting for contrasting goals.
2-4 Players | 60-90 Minutes | Ages 10+ 

6. Codenames

Give your team clever one-word clues to help them spot their agents in the field.
2-8 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages 14+ 

5. Catan

Collect and trade resources to build up the island of Catan in this modern classic.
3-4 Players | 1-2 Hours | Ages 10+

4. Secret Hitler

In pre-WW2 Germany, Liberals and Fascists square off in an intrigue-filled parliament.
5-10 Players | 45 Minutes | Ages 13+ 

3. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw, dodge, rage in this exciting party game!
2-6 Players | 15 Minutes | Ages 7+ 
Currently Out of Stock Due to Popular Demand

2. UNO

Get rid of your cards before the others, but beware of forgetting to say "UNO!"
2-10 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 6+

1. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Act fast when the flipped card actually is that taco, gat, goat, cheese, or pizza.. 
2-8 Players | 10-30 Minutes | Ages 8+


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