Games for Dames

Games for Dames

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Games for Dames has been happening at CFG since 2019! We started off with a mission of inclusivity and friendship and we're so excited to be here five years later hosting our biggest event to date. Part of what has always made Games for Dames so special, is that we take donations for A Safe Place. A Safe Place is a local non-profit empowering girls and women. We come together to play games and to help out our community, what could be more epic?! This event also celebrates the end of our our month long fundraising event benefiting A Safe Place, Gamers for Good. So even if you can't make Games for Dames, you'll still have a chance to help donate and win awesome prizes.   

We have a whole day of events planned that any nerd can hop into and enjoy, no matter their experience level. Show up on your own, bring your Mom, bring your squad, no matter what you choose there will always be someone to play a game with! Everyone is welcome to show up and play their own game throughout the whole event, or you can hop into one of the four awesome events we have planned. All the events we have are beginner friendly so that anyone can hop in!

Games for Dames is a free event but we encourage folks to donate throughout the day to help out our friends over at A Safe Place. A few events have a price on them, and that is to cover the cost of supplies/beverages and every cent after paying that will all be donated. 

Our first ever Games for Dames in 2019!

What can you look forward to on March 30th?! 

Nerd Craft Competition
We're going to put out a bunch of fun "trash" that we as a store collect. Think pack wrappers, damaged cards, old worn out board games, and whatever else we can find. We're going to have a section in the Sideboard for folks to create crafts all day. We want folks to make whatever cool thing they want like a crown, or sash, or a tiny trash house. Then at 4PM all attendees can vote on who they think created the niftiest craft and our winner will get a CFG gift card!

12PM - Perils and Princesses
This is a one-shot Role Playing Game. You can preregister and save your spot here!
Our in house DM Ruby will be hosting Perils & Princesses! Perils & Princesses is a fantasy role-playing game of gritty and pretty fairy tale adventure for 1–5 players and a Game Master. It's about Fairy Tale Princesses using their humble kind of magic to guide them as they face harrowing perils and untold adventure. Great for newbies, families, or seasoned gamers looking to go on a fairy tale adventure. Steel your resolve, gather your grace and sharpen your wits, and you might just live…Happily Ever After.

2PM - Magic the Gathering
This is for both new and expert Magic players. If you wish to play Commander you'll need to bring a deck!
Want to play Magic? Then drop by at 2PM for folks looking to play as well. We'll have a casual Commander setting for anyone who wants to play in pods. On top of Commander, we'll also be hosting a Jumpstart event. Jumpstart is great for those who aren't experts at Magic or just want to do something casual without a deck of their own. Jumpstart will be $10 for anyone who wants to join!

3:00PM - Sip and Paint -$15 (includes a miniature and a beer or wine!)
Think wine and design, but we're painting miniature figures.
Grab a miniature or bring your own, while you sip on a beverage and get your paint on! This event covers one beer or a wine of your choosing. We'll have miniatures from Warhammer and from D&D. Folks are encouraged to bring their own miniatures if they wish to paint. We'll have all the supplies for folks so no need to worry about lugging your paint and brushes.

5:00PM - Wine and Game Pairing - $20
What goes better with Taco Cat than a glass of Chardonnay?
We are ending our scheduled events with a pairings of the highest caliber, wine and board games! We're pairing up four different wines with four different board games. Everyone who participates will get a half glass for each game. We'll be playing games that are good for big groups so we'll be keeping the party alive! 


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