These games are designed specifically for two people: no more, no less.

All you need is strategy, logic, and a worthy competitor.

Roxley Radlands


Radlands is a competitive, dueling card game about identifying fiercely powerful card synergies.
Lookout Games Patchwork Valentine's Edition

Patchwork Valentine's Edition

Patchwork Valentine is based on the popular mechanics of the classic Patchwork game. Are you in for this “lovely” challenge of putting together the most marvelous box of chocolates for your darling?
Plaid Hat Games Summoner Wars Second Edition Starter Set

Summoner Wars Second Edition Starter Set

Two revamped fan favorite factions - The Tundra Orcs and Phoenix Elves.  Must have for Summoner Wars fans.
Kosmos Games Targi


A Targi is a male member of the Tuareg people, who live in the Sahara Desert. As tribe leader, you will be trading dates, salt, and pepper to obtain coveted gold coins and advantages.
Pandasaurus Games The Game Face To Face

The Game Face To Face

The Game: Face to Face features gameplay similar to the smash hit The Game with players laying down cards from their hand in ascending & descending piles. However, now the game is limited to two players who are competing to get rid of their cards first.
Lookout Games Patchwork Halloween Edition

Patchwork Halloween Edition

In this special Halloween Edition of Patchwork, things get spooky: someone messed around with your favorite Patchwork!
Lookout Games Great Plains

Great Plains

A mysterious game about the not so mysterious behavior of mankind: two players compete for the dominance over the Great Plains!
Arcane Wonders Air, Land, & Sea Revised Edition

Air, Land, & Sea Revised Edition

Submit orders on three fronts to outwit and outmatch your military opponent.
Exploding Kittens LLC A Game of Cat & Mouth

A Game of Cat & Mouth

Use your magnetic cat's paw to shoot all the balls of one color at the enemy.
Hive: Pillbug Expansion

Hive: Pillbug Expansion

Hive: The Pillbug is a new pair of tiles that can be added to Hive.
Stellar Factory Strawberry Sunset

Strawberry Sunset

Create a vibrant and flourishing strawberry patch in Strawberry Sunset.
Repos Production 7 Wonders: Duel Agora Expansion

7 Wonders: Duel Agora Expansion

In the halls of the Senate, decisions which shape the destiny of a civilization are made... and in the dark corridors of these same halls, conspirators work to further their own interests.
Lookout Games Patchwork Christmas Edition

Patchwork Christmas Edition

With so many pieces of cloth and patches lying around, it's time to make a beautiful, Christmas-themed quilt!
WizKids Seastead


"I cut, you choose" in a flooded world of floating raft cities and sunken treasure.
Gat games Imperial Struggle

Imperial Struggle

Imperial Struggle is a two-player game depicting the 18th-century rivalry between France and Britain.
Good Games Publishing Fluttering Souls

Fluttering Souls

Based on a Japanese legend, Fluttering Souls is a two player abstract set collection game in which players gather butterflies, seeking messages from departed loved ones.
Level 99 Games Pixel Tactics 5

Pixel Tactics 5

Pixel Tactics is a head-to-head game of tactical combat for two players.
Lookout Games Patchwork Americana

Patchwork Americana

Piece together a quilt and leave no holes to become the button master!
Adam's Apple Games Thrive


This koi pond is only big enough for one! Who will fail... but more importantly, who will Thrive?
Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Destiny: Two-Player Game

Star Wars Destiny: Two-Player Game

Play out your own epic, saga-spanning, “what if” battles in Star Wars™: Destiny, a collectible dice and card game for two players!
Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter: Duel

Cosmic Encounter: Duel

Two candidates must battle for control of the planets to determine who deserves the right to become a Certified Civilization!
White Wizard Games LLC Star Realms: Colony Wars

Star Realms: Colony Wars

Expand your fleet, defend your bases, and prevail in the battle for the colonies.
Iello Schotten-Totten


Use your cards to create the best battle formations and defend your village. Claim enough stones to win the game!
Saboteur: The Duel

Saboteur: The Duel

Gold gold gold! And mining! Who gets the most? Did I mention Gold?

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