Pandasaurus Games

Pandasaurus Games Arraial


Music is shaking the ground, hordes of merry revelers are pushing (and eating!) their way through the bright, banner-festooned arches in the old neighborhood, and the smell of sweet basil is wafting gently through the air. It must be time for the Arraial!
Pandasaurus Games Brew


Bring balance back to the forest with potions and woodland creatures.
Pandasaurus Games Ctrl


Place your colored cubes to control every angle in this head-scratching strategy game!
Pandasaurus Games Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island

Research DNA to bring prehistoric reptiles to life!
Pandasaurus Games Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'N Write

Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'N Write

In Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write, your goal is to build the best dang dinosaur theme park you can!
Pandasaurus Games Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World

The dream of dinosaur parks was interrupted after waves of class action lawsuits pushed parks like Dinosaur Island into foreclosure. But our collective memory is short, and now the world is ready for a new set of upstart entrepreneurs.
Pandasaurus Games Gods Love Dinosaurs

Gods Love Dinosaurs

Balance the food chain from the tiniest herbivores to the biggest dinosaurs.
Pandasaurus Games Godspeed


In the 1960s, the world secretly fights over an alien planet.
Pandasaurus Games Machi Koro 5th Anniversary Expansion

Machi Koro 5th Anniversary Expansion

Machi Koro 5th Anniversary Edition Required to Play.
Pandasaurus Games Ohanami


Build the most Zen Japanese garden by collecting cards of just the right value!
Pandasaurus Games Silver & Gold

Silver & Gold

Silver and Gold is a game of luck, bad luck, quick manipulation and exhilaration. You've found your fortune!
Pandasaurus Games Sobek: 2 Players

Sobek: 2 Players

Sobek awaits the creation of a grand temple in his honor to be built in Faiyum. To support the construction, a huge market has emerged, bustling with rich goods.
Pandasaurus Games Sonora


Immerse yourself in the secrets of the desert in this delectably fun “flick and write” where cunning and dexterity meet.
Pandasaurus Games Tammany Hall

Tammany Hall

Fight for political power in New York during the era of Boss Tweed.
Pandasaurus Games That Time You Killed Me

That Time You Killed Me

An abstract game of time and murder! That Time You Killed Me is a narrative game that introduces new scenarios with unique rules and components as you play.
Pandasaurus Games The Game

The Game

You just lost The Game.
Pandasaurus Games The Game Face To Face

The Game Face To Face

The Game: Face to Face features gameplay similar to the smash hit The Game with players laying down cards from their hand in ascending & descending piles. However, now the game is limited to two players who are competing to get rid of their cards first.
Pandasaurus Games The Game: Quick & Easy

The Game: Quick & Easy

Play a card, draw a card — that couldn't be easier, right? Don't be fooled, though, because even though the title claims this game is quick and easy, The Game: Quick & Easy will not be easy to defeat.
Pandasaurus Games The Mind

The Mind

Play your cards in ascending order without communicating. Timing is key!
Pandasaurus Games Wayfinders


Engines purring, goggles down—the seaplane is set for take-off! Welcome to the whimsical world of Wayfinders, where intrepid explorers race to chart new paths through the skies.
Pandasaurus Games Wild Space

Wild Space

Are you ready to take on the galaxy? Commanding your Spaceship, go forth and explore this new El Dorado full of treasures and mysteries!

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